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We are a premier SAP Special Expertise Partner (BPC) and
implement and integrate sophisticated
SAP BPC applications for the

Our unique experience of delivering risk management solutions lets us
take your risk out of implementing
We are benefiting from all group data being available in a single source, reduced reporting cycles and a more controlled reporting process - with validations to ensure accuracy.

    Lerena Coertzen
    Group Finance 
    Shoprite Checkers

CQS Performance Solutions works in partnership with clients to realise the value of their information and investment in technology. We do this by combining the best of breed technologies with our in-house specialist expertise, enabling your company to make real time, accurate decisions that have material impact on your business’s bottom line.

Our team of specialist consultants will work closely with your people, processes and technology to deliver a single business solution.  We’ll leverage our experience in over 30 projects to provide you with a plan that meets your business’s needs.

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